2. Franchise Opportunity

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Training & Support

Initial Training

Beginning with the initial training, it is important that franchisees personally participate in the daily operation of their unit. This commitment will assist in meeting the business goals of your unit.

  • Franchisees and their management team will be required to successfully complete the Big Boy® Training Program at a certified existing Bob’s Big Boy® unit as chosen by Big Boy® Franchise Management.
  • It is recommended that franchisees hire their management team no less than 12 weeks prior to the scheduled opening.
  • The management team should consist of 1 Operating Partner and 2 Assistant Managers.

Start-Up Field Training

From day one the philosophy behind the Big Boy® New Store Opening Team is that the Franchise Operator and managers will manage the staff, while the Opening Team will train and fully support the staff.

  • Franchise operators and managers will be required to complete a minimum eight (8) week Management module program.
  • Emphasis will be placed on creating an atmosphere of Hospitality and Enthusiasm; Guest Service techniques which will ensure a “WOW” experience; exterior and interior store image with an emphasis on cleanliness; and consistent, proper preparation of all menu items.
  • Training topics will include a focus on administrative tasks, back office functions; compliance with Federal/State requirements; and both Servsafe® and SkillSoft® certification.
  • Wages for the New Store Opening Team are paid for by the franchisor.

Support Start-Up & Beyond

When a Franchise Agreement is signed, each new franchisee receives a Welcome Package and New Store Opening Manual.

  • The New Store Opening Trainers, along with the franchisee’s management team, will conduct six (6) days of training with the front of house and back of house staff at the franchisees new restaurant.
  • Training techniques will include: Hospitality and Guest Services role playing, along with menu knowledge and demonstrations on how to properly prepare menu selections.
  • Servsafe® classes are offered on a continuous basis.
  • Training sessions at the main Big Boy® office and Intranet information will be made available when special promotions and Limited Time Offerings (LTO’s) are rolled out.
  • Update training sessions conducted at a franchisee location are available upon request for a fee.
  • Beyond the opening of the unit, ongoing development will consist of updating team members through a series of SkillSoft® training modules.
  • Franchisees, working with their Big Boy® Business Director, will continuously assess training needs and resources for the managers and team members.

Continuing Education

Understanding the direction of the Brand is an important factor for all Franchisees. Big Boy® believes that continuous updates and communications can help support the success of the Brand.

  • Each franchisee will have a Business Director assigned as an ongoing resource to discuss the overall operation, the field evaluation reports, and the financial results of the unit.
  • Franchisees will have the opportunity to give input, and share ideas with, the Franchise Marketing Committee designed to promote the growth of the Big Boy® Brand.
  • Franchisees will have the opportunity to meet with the Big Boy® CEO and Department Heads through webinars, annual meetings, and site visits.

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