2. Franchise Opportunity

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Requirements & Investment

Real Estate Requirements

Big Boy® franchisees have opportunity for growth in many communities through the leasing of Tenant space at +/- 2600 square feet. Restaurant conversions will also be considered by the Site Committee. The Site Committee will review the following requirements for each community:

  • Area: 1800-2600 square feet
  • Parking: 20 – 40 spots
  • Seats: 25 – 60 and patio
  • Daytime Population:
    • 1 mile: 8,000
    • 3 miles: 25,000
    • 5 miles: 30,000
  • Evening Population:
    • 1 mile: 15,000
    • 3 miles: 45,000
    • 5 miles: 60,000
  • 30% – 40% of worker population within 2 miles
  • Primary street traffic counts of 20,000 Average Daily Traffic Volume (ADTV)
  • Median Household Income should be a minimum of 10% above the market average

Investment Requirements

As a Big Boy® franchisee, it not only takes dedication but also financial resources and business acumen. Setting up our franchisees for financial success is critically important to the Big Boy® team, and we will ensure that our candidates meet our minimum financial requirements to confirm they are capable of developing and operating restaurants.

  • Financial qualifications include cash liquidity of $250,000 and a minimum Net Worth of $500,000
  • Operational Requirements of Ownership: “Operating Partner no less than 10% in equity and voting rights. Must complete training program. Must devote full time and effort.”
  • At least one or more members of candidate group must qualify
  • All members must have acceptable credit history
  • The estimated total investment ranges from $550,400-$935,800
  • The initial franchise fee is $40,000 per unit
  • Restaurant conversions will be considered
  • SBA funding is accepted
  • Big Boy® is a member of the Vet Fran Military Program
  • Development incentives are available

Veteran Franchise Discount

Opportunity Awaits!

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