Franchisee Process

1. Initial Contact (4-6 Weeks)

  • Submit contact information at
  • A Big Boy Franchise Sales Representative will make contact with you to discuss basic requirements and determine eligibility

2. Franchise Candidate Process Begins (4-6 Weeks)

  • The Big Boy team will provide the brand presentation to explain and review the Big Boy opportunity
  • Application will be provided to each applicants
  • Disclosure of Big Boy International LLC FDD and Review
  • Territory Selection
  • Candidate Due Diligence Preformed
  • Submit candidate Business Plan and Pro forma

3. Big Boy Discovery Day (4-6 Weeks)

  • Meeting with Big Boy Restaurants Leadership team
  • Franchisee Candidate presents Business Plan
  • Tour our Restaurant and Facilities

4. Approval Stage (4-6 Weeks)

  • Selection Committee reviews candidate package
  • Upon Franchisee approval, Big Boy and candidate will prepare for final documentation
  • Candidate submits Entity Documentation and Tax ID number
  • Franchise Agreement Completed

5. Site Development and Restaurant Grand Opening (4-6 Weeks)

  • Begin Franchise Site selection
  • Site Review and Lease Review
  • Pending Big Boy site approval, Lease is signed
  • Using Big Boy criteria, complete FF&E, Architectural, and Design Approval process
  • Contractor Selection and Build out
  • Restaurant Management to Complete Big Boy training requirements
  • On Site Crew Training
  • Grand Opening

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