These Five Markets Are Perfect For Our Restaurants

We have told you from the beginning that Big Boy’s Burgers and Shakes has your back. We weren’t kidding, and now we are going to give you a cheat sheet on the markets we feel are the best suited for our restaurants:

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  • Population: 1.3 million
  • Average Household: 2.5 people (Avg Family 3.4)
  • Age Breakdowns: <18– 26% | 18-24– 11% | 25-44– 35%

Dallas is a large U.S city with people who love comfort food! Texas as a whole is a great market, but Dallas is especially intriguing because of the young foodie influence.

Ft. Worth

  • Population: 854,000
  • Average Rent: Increased 8% in 2016
  • Age Breakdowns: Median age 6% lower than rest of state.

This young crowd is starving for Big Boy’s Burgers and Shakes and our fast casual concept appeals directly to them. For young and working families, this also provides a higher quality meal than traditional fast food.


  • Population: 2.7 Million
  • Average Family: 3.8 people
  • Average Age: >50%– 18-44

Chicago is a massive city known for their dining and deep dish pizza. Certain areas of the city usher in large crowds of young foodies every single day and tourism is a major source of income. Business could be booming during the Summer months!


  • Population: 305,000
  • Major Appeal: Sports Tourism/ Pittsburgh University

Pittsburgh is right on the border of Ohio and Pennsylvania and we have already infiltrated one side of the border. This college and sports town is perfect because it is flooded with hungry fans and teens every weekend.


  • Population: 595,000
  • Wisconsin Average Age: 39 Years
  • Milwaukee Average Age: 31 Years

Most cities have a younger average age, but Milwaukee’s is glaringly lower than the average of the state. Young people LOVE fast casual and we need your help to bring them this amazing brand.

Did your city make the list? If not, be sure to comment on this post on our Facebook page and let us know why your city needs a Big Boy’s Burgers and Shakes!

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