Who Wants a Big Boy’s Burgers & Shakes in Texas?

Do you like burgers? Do you like shakes? Big Boy does burgers and shakes better than the competition and we want to bring this great brand back from sea to shining sea. We can’t do that without getting into Texas and we know Texas does it bigger and better than most. Let’s bring this great brand back to the Lone Star State:

State Flag of Texas- Burgers- Big Boy

Austin, Dallas and Fort Worth

These metropolitan areas are rapidly decreasing in average age and our fast casual concept is PERFECT for this type of audience. This generation of consumers loves the Chipotle, Moes and Five Guys concept where you can customize your order and not have to fuss around with waiters and waitresses. They are also more health conscious and they have a hankering for natural, fresh ingredients, which we pack into every single bite!

Texans Are Working People

Texas is the second most populated state in America with over 27 million residents in 2016. Common sense says that more people is going to lead to more business for you, but there is another VERY important statistic that we look at. Texas has nearly 13 million people in the workforce, with a low unemployment rate and a high number of 4+ person families. The working families are in abundance in Texas and this is a prime demographic for the fast casual concept. They need something quick, but they don’t want to feed their family the garbage that comes from some large fast food chains.

Everything’s Bigger in Texas

We love Texas because we feel businessmen and women in Texas know how to take it to the next level. If they see that the success of the Big Boy’s Burgers and Shakes brand in one corner of Texas, they’ll bring it to the entire state. That is what we want. This brand needs people with the motivation and passion for success to bring it back to prominence. It all starts in Texas!

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Opportunity Awaits!

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