A Big Boy Would Look Great In Your City

When it comes to business and economics, supply and demand is king! You want to make sure those two metrics are working in perfect unison so that your business can flourish. With that in mind, let us ask you this question… Would you be interested in opening a business where the demand is extremely high, but the supply is only just beginning to grow? This isn’t a fantasy, this is Big Boy’s Burgers and Shakes!

Big Boy Franchise- Big Boy America

How Do I Open a Big Boy?
Opening your very own Big Boy’s Burgers and Shakes has never been more appealing. Our brand is nationally known and people are craving a big return, now you just have to supply the demand. In an effort to drive more franchisees to choose Big Boy, we are also offering the following incentives for 2017:

  • 3% Royalties For Year One
  • 4% Royalties For Year Two
  • 5% Royalties After Year Two (Normal Rate)

The History of the Big Boy Franchise
The first ever Big Boy opened it’s doors in 1936 due to the hard work of its founder, Bob Wian. Mr. Wian worked as a dishwasher to save extra cash, and when he was close enough to his goal, he sold his car to make up the difference. That drive and determination led to him opening one of the most successful restaurant chains in American history! You can be the next Bob Wian if you take advantage of the opportunities that are presented to you!

California Markets
That original Big Boy that we just discussed was located in California and for more than half a century, Big Boy was the secret ingredient to the perfect California lifestyle. Around the turn of the millennium, Big Boy Restaurants International LLC came under new ownership as it looked to expand its national notoriety. Unfortunately, this led to a lot of restaurants leaving their traditional homes and this had a lot of local Californians VERY upset. Do you want to be the one to bring them back to their favorite childhood memories? Check out our Facebook page to see just how much these customers miss their Big Boy’s Burgers and Shakes!

New York Markets
With nearly 20 million residents, New York is the third most populated state in America behind the aforementioned California, and Texas (another great market *wink, wink*). The thing that separates New York from those two states is the heavily concentrated New York City market that has nearly half of the entire state’s population. In case you were wondering, New York City has more than twice as many residents as Los Angeles. The average age of these residents is dropping and even with rent averaging over $1,000 per month, these young foodies still have money to blow! Our new fast casual concept would fit perfectly in this market.

The Big Boy brand has 70% national marketplace recognition and with this new concept, we know that number is only going to grow. The older American demographic fell in love with us decades ago, and now we’re looking to bring that love affair to the next generation. Do you want to help us out?

If so, call 586-755-8113 or click around on our website ownabigboy.com!

Opportunity Awaits!

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