2017 Development Incentives for Big Boy Franchisees

The overwhelmingly positive feedback we have received from our fans about the return of Big Boy’s Burgers and Shakes has been such a treat. You have all been so good to us over the years, and now it is our turn to give you an opportunity to become a part of Big Boy history! You might have thought owning your very own Big Boy was not feasible, but after reading this you might start second guessing yourself.

Big Boy Franchise- Development Incentives

Can’t Miss Opportunity

People see the words ‘Big Boy is Back’ and that nostalgic excitement starts to set in. But people, we need your help to bring Big Boy’s Burgers and Shakes back to national prominence. You might think owning a franchise of your own is impossible, but our 2017 development incentives tell a different story. It might not be as difficult as you once thought»

  • For all Big Boy’s Burgers and Shakes units approved and signed prior to December 31st 2017, Big Boy Restaurants LLC will provide an incentive of a reduced royalty for the first two years of operation.
  • Each unit will owe a 3% royalty for their first year, 4% for their second year, and then it will return to the normal rate of 5%.
  • It might not seem like a lot, but when you are serving thousands of customers on a weekly basis, every percentage point matters!
  • The only contingency is that your store MUST open its doors before July 31st, 2019.

Military Veteran Incentives

Military support is something that is extremely important to Big Boy Restaurants LLC and we aren’t just saying that– we’re proving it! If your franchisee group has a majority owner that was honorably discharged from a military branch, you will receive 50% off the initial Franchise Fee. This deal is something we really are proud of. Charities to help veterans are great, but we want to give our heroes a passion that will motivate them during their post-military lives. We would be honored to bring our service men and women into the Big Boy’s Burgers and Shakes family!

Area Developer Incentives

If you’re thinking of going big with Big Boy’s Burgers and Shakes, we want to reward you for your commitment. An ‘Area Developer’ is a franchisee who is committing to a purchase of at least 5 Big Boy locations in a given area. We want to give you and your team the best chance to succeed, and that all starts with a little financial assistance. We’re not going to get into the specifics because these incentives vary based on geography and the amount of stores you are committing too, but rest assured that you will be rewarded for your efforts. We take care of our own here at Big Boy’s Burgers and Shakes!

We are so excited about the return of Big Boy’s Burgers and Shakes and we want to share that excitement with the whole nation — but we can’t do it without your help! Think of these incentives as us leading you to the water, but now it is your turn to drink.

To learn more about our incentive program, call Big Boy’s Burgers and Shakes at 586-755-8113 or click around on our website!

Opportunity Awaits!

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