A Brand New Big Boy

A small burger restaurant that started in California during the Great Depression has become a national brand over the course of the 20th century, and we’re looking to duplicate that success in 2017 and beyond. We opened the doors to our new fast-casual concept on February 9th, 2016 in Mayfield, Ohio and now we’re looking to grow in a town near you! Do you want to help us help you build a legendary restaurant in your home town?

Big Boy- Franchising Opportunity

Taste is Timeless
We are confident that the euphoric feeling a consumer receives from tasting our food is never going to fade with time. But in business, the way people view your brand and the way they interact with it are always going to be subject to the times. The best brands adapt, the weakest ones fade and the mediocre ones remain in the middle lane with no real desire to boom. We are boomers here at Big Boy’s Burgers and Shakes and we want you to let us help you make a splash in your hometown!

Our New Concept
Our new restaurant design helps our franchisee’s cut costs, limit their footprint and reach a brand new generation of consumers. We have downsized our menu and made the in-store experience for our customers easier and more enjoyable. The biggest concern with this change was limiting variety, but we found that this new age of Big Boy customers enjoys our classic meals and has no time for a menu that beats around the bush. We have seen great success with this new concept and we simply want to give you your very own piece of the pie!   

2017 Franchisee Incentive Program
Now that you’ve been sold on the benefits of our new concept, we want to let you in on a little secret. For all Big Boy’s Burgers and Shakes units that are approved and signed prior to December 31st 2017, Big Boy Restaurants International LLC will provide an incentive of a reduced royalty for the first two years of operation. Here are the details for this amazing incentive program:

  • The program will kick in on commencement date with the caveat being that the store must be opened prior to July 31st 2019.
  • The royalty for the first year of operation will be 3%
  • The second year will take a slight bump to 4%
  • And after year two, the royalty will rise to our current rate of 5%
  • Combining this incentive program with our lower build out and operation costs is a no-brainer!

This is an exciting time at Big Boy’s Burgers and Shakes and we want to make sure we are taking the right people along for the ride. If you consider yourself a trailblazer or fast-dining pioneer of some sorts, we want to give you the tools to be your own boss. This opportunity is going to be one you’ll regret not seizing!

To get the process started, call our corporate office at 586-755-8113 or click around on our website to learn more about our concept.

Opportunity Awaits!

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